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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

VTrans is hoping to make the detour(s) due to the closure of Route 15 this summer as convenient as possible, which will be a huge undertaking as no route is really a good route for everyone.  Here is a notice I got from Front Porch Forum tonight regarding the recent meeting in Cabot, stating what the intentions are regarding some of the problems that were pointed out: 

On April 6th 2015, representatives from the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) attended a public meeting in Cabot with regards to the VT 15 Walden Bridge (No. 83) Replacement Project. VTrans gave a presentation about the project which included information regarding the detour route using VT 215 during the 28-day bridge closure period.
Concerns were raised about the project and detour route by members from the communities of Cabot, Danville, Walden and Marshfield and noted for follow-up by VTrans. Specifically, the availability of law enforcement during the closure period was raised and this is also being researched for a solution.
Currently, the VT 215 and US 2 intersection is being evaluated to determine if there are any temporary measures that can be added to improve safety during the closure period.
As recommended at the public meeting, VTrans will meet with Selectboard members from each of the Towns in the near future to respond to questions and concerns accordingly.

 We can only hope the project goes smoothly and doesn't run into problems that cause it to be prolonged.

We are watching the block on the ice closely now.  The ice has changed in the past couple of days due to rain and then sunshine today, along with slightly warmer temperatures.  The wind has been moving the ice down the pond, too, and that helps weaken it and may eventually break up the ice.  However, for now it's getting darker in color but not a lot of water is showing.  There's open water along the shoreline, but the majority of the big pond is still solidly frozen.  The first two ponds are free of ice - you can see the lovely blue water on the West Danville side of the narrows in the top picture, and in the next photo you can see how the ice has darkened and is turning to slush, but isn't ready to disappear just yet.  It's anybody's guess whether it will hold until May or not.  The position of the block hasn't changed much, as near as we can tell, but we're keeping a close eye on things.  We were at Bill and Diane's this afternoon, all of us just checking to be sure everything is ok.  

We had so much wind today Diane had to take down the thermometer as she was afraid it would be blown off the post.  The cameras worked well until late in the day and then they went off again.  We still don't know what the problem is, but Diane is working on it.

I've been looking at the tickets - a total of 993 people picked tomorrow, April 29th; 1,402 picked the 30th; 1,207 picked May 1; and I didn't go beyond that, but I will, if the clock hasn't stopped by May 1.  The latest guess I saw was June 21st.  Back in March when it was below zero every day, June 21st seemed like a reasonable possibility.  As of today about half the tickets are out of the contest, having earlier dates than April 28.  I can hear some of you groaning, realizing the date you picked is past and the clock is still ticking.  That's the fun of the game - nobody really knows and as Diane said today - even being right here, able to see the ice and the block and knowing the weather, she still couldn't guess exactly when the clock will stop.  And it is just a matter of being lucky.  We'll know soon who made a lucky guess. 

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