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Friday, April 03, 2015

This is our first real day of spring-like weather and we have actually seen some melting going on!  We had a bit of snow yesterday, but it didn't amount to much - this picture is of the hills as we left Danville and headed towards Joe's Pond.  We could see the snow clouds  moving along the ridges.  

Our driveway is clear of snow, slush and ice this afternoon.  This morning there were only a couple of spots that were clear.  I've had windows open most of the day.  Not only has the weather been perfect, Larry hooked up the Ice-Out clock and we are officially in "clock-watch" mode!  You can go on line and see the clock and the thermometer - just remember when you log in, be sure you use Internet Explorer browser.  Go to www.joespondvermont.com and click on the Webcam button.  There are easy directions from there.

We are almost through gathering Ice-Out tickets - there may be a few lingering in the U. S. Mail pipeline, and we need to pick up from Don Walker, and then it's up to our input specialist, Henretta.  She is busily typing, but it will be a few weeks before she will have them all logged in.  It's a huge job.  

We don't think the ice will be going out very soon - after this nice day, we will get a rain/snow mix starting tonight, according to the forecast I heard this morning.  After that it will be all snow on Saturdsy morning and then back to some cold weather, but hopefully not the deep cold we've been getting.

Woody enjoyed being outside today.  He also had a visit from Cherrie, Bob's dog - not an especially enjoyable event for Woody - he refuses to run so Cherrie can chase him, and that completely confuses the poor dog.  She finally gave up whining and poking at him and went outside to wait for Bob.  Woody normally likes dogs, but he's a little wary of Cherrie because she plays rough; so he just stands his ground and glares at her.

I took some pictures of the pond - there is a little water on the ice, and it looks as if the channel coming into the pond has some open water -  indicators the warmup is beginning seriously.  We're all relieved.  It's been a harsh and exceedingly long winter, and it's time for a break.  

We hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend.

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