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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

What started off as a very nice day declined steadily and as I was getting supper I could see the snow in the hills of Walden heading in our direction.  The wind has been gusty all day, and now the temperature is down to about 9 above, so it's another cold night with the wind blowing snow around like it's January.  And by the way - Mother Nature owes us a January thaw - or perhaps yesterday and today were as close as we're going to get to one this year.  Our "January thaw" is likely going to be delayed and will be just an ordinary "spring thaw."

We're expecting another 3-4 inches of snow tonight, but sunshine tomorrow, and pretty warm temperatures before another free-fall back into cold on Thursday.  At least all the "low" temperatures are above zero, and that's a definite sign we're moving in the right direction, if painfully slowly.  Some folks have had their roofs shoveled - others haven't.  It's a hard call to make because some are relatively free of snow where it's blown off, while others are packed with snow from drifting.  I think if you aren't here and are concerned at all you should have someone take a look for you.  In most cases it will mean wading through snow to get a good look, and the snow is about 30 inches deep on the level.  We've had about 6 inches in the past couple of days, but it's very dry and light, so it blows around a lot.  There doesn't seem to be any precipitation in the forecast for the next several days, but neither is there much of a warmup except for tomorrow.  We'll see how that goes.  Whatever the forecast is, we can plan on it being about 10 degrees colder at Joe's Pond, and that probably means very little melting going on.  

Some results of the Cabot Town Meeting are posted on the Cabot website.   The results are just the Australian ballot items - we'll have to wait for news on items voted from the floor.  I don't find anything posted on the Danville website.  We'll need to wait for the newspaper reports.  I'll post what I can find as soon as possible.

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