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Friday, March 06, 2015

We've had a beautifully sunny day, but it was still darned cold - never got out of the teens, even in the sun, and it was windy in the bargain.  Last night we had a low of -20 degrees.  I hope that will be the last of the deep cold nights for this year.  In spite of our misery with the cold, we should remember we aren't the only ones dealing with an absolute bear of a winter - Cousin Ora sent this picture of her neighborhood in Narragansett, RI, and said they just had another 12 inches of snow yesterday (Thursday).  This looks like a wet, heavy snow - the kind that takes down tree limbs and utility wires.  I found that in Middletown, which I believe is not too far from Narragansett, they've had a total of 64 in. of snow fall since the first of January.  That's probably a lot for that region.  I didn't find a report for Narragansett - I guess nobody there is reporting to CoCoRaHS.  Ora did say that this morning it was 25 degrees there and "melting a bit."  I noticed that even today, cold as it was, the road by our house got slushy where the sun was hitting it.   There is a lot of warmth in the sun these days - and that's encouraging.  There will be spring.

I had an introduction by e-mail to Marc and Deborah Gregoire who bought the Emmons cottage on Rt. 2 W - formerly Bob Buzzi's.  They are excited about being at Joe's Pond this summer and Marc said they are looking for a pedal boat.  Here's what he wrote: 
If you know of any one selling a pedal boat, we don't know much about them, but we are looking for one. 
If you have one or know of anyone who might want to sell theirs, you can give Marc a call at  802-476-5889.  

Did anyone happen to see the picture of the eagle nesting all covered with snow in Pennsylvania?  It was on the news tonight.  Apparently they nest early in the spring, and come what may, they do whatever they must to keep those eggs warm and protected. 

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