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Sunday, March 29, 2015

'Tis the season - we got a message this morning that Marty's 1st stop in Danville was out of Ice-Out Contest tickets.  We collected what few we had and a few from Diane and got them to them right away.  I'm sure other outlets will run short this week, too, but there's always the on-line option as long as they are done by April 1st or if using the printed tickets, postmarked no later than April 1st.  

Fred did ticket distribution and took his trusty camera with him.  I put some of the pictures he took into a slide show - we thought you'd like to see how much snow we still have around here.

Even though it was a little colder than I thought was comfortable this morning, our cat, Woody, was anxious to test the weather.  We were amazed when he climbed over the snow bank and took a walk in the woods.  We were just a little nervous, having seen the bobcat earlier this week in the same area Woody decided to explore today, but in only a few minutes, he came meandering back through the woods and I got a shot of him navigating the snow bank at our driveway.  He was glad to get inside, but took a couple more brief trips onto the deck after that, just to smell the fresh air, I expect.  I think this is the first time this year we've had a good crust, and that made walking in the woods very nice for Woody.  I'm not sure the crust would hold much more than his 15 pounds - although it did seem to hold the bobcat ok, and he must have been at least two or three times Woody's weight.  I wonder if Woody knew the big cat had been in his woods . . . he definitely doesn't tolerate domestic cats in his territory, but I hope he's savvy enough to not tangle with one of the big guys in the neighborhood.

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