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Saturday, March 07, 2015

I think we may have seen the last of our way below zero weather for this year.  Just a guess, but with the time change tonight, there may also be a weather change.  It actually got above freezing today - and it felt good!  We aren't out of the freezer yet, I'm sure, but at least we're probably on the other side of winter.

Because we have a friend who lives in Alaska and his mom, who used to live there is our neighbor, we are interested in the weather, especially this winter.  I found an article that refers to "baked Alaska," since it has been unusually warm with less than normal snowfall, and the Iditarod race being moved.  Fred heard from his brother in Colorado today and he said they have very nice spring weather there already.  Apparently El Nino is responsible for the erratic weather patterns lately and scientists thing the effects will last into the summer.  What, exactly, that means for us, nobody seems certain, but if it turns out to be a wet, cold summer in the northeast, I'd say we'll have had more than our fair share.

We were in St. Johnsbury Tuesday.  There's plenty of snow there, and like other places, they are probably having a tough time finding places to dump the snow from the streets, especially since the spot they've used for a number of years, next to the river just past the Fairbanks Inn going north now has a very large gas station and convenience store complex occupying the space.  The appearance of Portland Street bridge, where the snow seems not to have been removed all winter, would seem to indicate they are struggling with snow removal.  

We went to Riley's Fish Shack for lunch, and have to say - their chowder is really good!  I was a little disappointed in the lobster roll - it had nice large chunks of lobster in it, but seemed short on flavor.  However, I would definitely go back and try some of the other fish offerings.  It was clean, warm and friendly, and when we first got there, quite busy.  I think they may do well.  They are on Route 2, just before the road going to Dog Mountain.  If you don't mind "roughing it" with paper plates and plastic utensils, I think you'll enjoy the food.  It would be nice to have waitstaff and real plates and silverware, but nevertheless, I think it's a real addition to St. Johnsbury.   

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