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Friday, March 13, 2015

I have a couple of interesting things for you today.  Steve and Bev Allen got in touch and tipped me off that Google Earth has all of our side roads around the pond mapped.  I went in and put a few addresses in on N. Shore Rd., Narrows Dr., etc. and sure enough, like Steve said, it's all there, complete with our summer activities in some cases.

Also, Diane Rossi has been busy lately doing interviews as our Joe's Pond ambassador for the Ice-Out Contest.  A couple days ago it was WCAX, and today Lyndon State's Channel 7 News, which you can see at 5:30 by following this link.  Even now, you can see the students preparing copy for the 5:30 news broadcast, and they have a live camera set up.  Fun to watch.  Of course, you'll find a link to the WCAX interview with Diane on home page, too.

Spring is moving ahead, in spite of colder than usual weather.  It will all come about, probably about the same as any other year even though it seems to us it's been an unusually harsh, cold winter - and definitely long.  Very long.  And this weekend more snow and slush headed our way - perhaps another four inches of snow.  We think Larry had in mind to put the Ice-Out flag out on the ice this weekend, but that may change due to the nasty weather.  We'll keep you posted.  In the meantime, you can check the web cams from time to time - perhaps you'll catch him out there setting things up.  Remember you have to use Internet Explorer as your browser when you log onto our website.  From there you'll find easy instructions.

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