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Saturday, February 14, 2015

    We are getting a bit of snow, and the temperature has been in the single digits all day - starting off at around 12 below and now about 5 above.  There is some wind, so it seems colder than that, of course.  We're watching the forecast and tomorrow doesn't look good for people east of us and all along the New England coast.  Let's hope this is the last storm for the season.  Then we need to hope if the weather warms up it does so gradually, otherwise there will be more problems.  There is a lot of snow to be melted away.
    There's good news and bad news.  The bad news is that Don Walker has a slight stroke in the early hours of last Tuesday and landed in the hospital; and the good news is that it was apparently not too serious and he's doing really well.  He is back home and when I spoke with him on the phone just now he said other than being really tired, he's coming along ok. I heard today from my friend, Mary W. that people had missed him at the Wayside and were relieved when he and Audrey showed up yesterday.  Their son, Wade, is here from Arizona helping out, and daughters Megan and Shelly are taking good care of him, he said.  I just posted that his 88th birthday was last Sunday, but now it would be really nice if Joe's Ponders would send off a card to let him know you're thinking of him. His address is:  Don Walker, 245 Towne Hill Rd., Montpelier VT 05602.  I know he'd be pleased to hear from friends here at the pond and others who know him. 
    Life is full of surprises and today is a great time to show someone you care about how much you mean to them.  Happy Valentine's Day to everyone - now go give someone you care about a big hug!


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