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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

    Just a quick update on our weather - we can't complain much about today's weather.  We had bright sunshine most of the day and temps in the low 20s.  Felt a lot like spring!  It's just a tease, though - the weather is turning nasty again this weekend.  Tonight is going to be cold again, right now 9 degrees, but probably won't go below zero like nights in the past weeks.
    I got this message and photo from Karen Cobb today:   
Ten-twelve inches here with frigid temps on tap!
They can't handle it here like you can up there!
Yet to see a plow in residential areas so we shall hunker down with our wood stove/ gas logs going. Warned of overloads on the power grid.

Your area has had an unbelievable amount of weather so hoping a change coming soon for all of you!

Stay warm/ safe!
    Nice picture, Karen - thank you.  Tonight at 11 p.m. it was 16 degrees in Lynchburg, VA, where Karen is - not all that much warmer than we are.
   Even though all that snow is a pain to deal with, it sure makes pretty pictures!  Here's another one, this one from our cousin in Rhode Island.  I just checked and it's 26 degrees in Narragansett and 27 degrees in Boston.  Across the border in Canada it's about 12 degrees.
    I should have taken some pictures today when the sun was so nice, but I was only outside for a short time and forgot to take the camera.  I doubt the sun will be out tomorrow - but we'll see what's in store for us.  We know there's more snow in the forecast - and even some rain or freezing rain this weekend.  Not a good prospect with all the snow, if it rains very much.  We'd really rather just have some warmer weather to melt the snow gradually. But we've all been wishing for the weather to turn around, and we know we should be careful what we wish for.  It may turn out to be too much of a good thing. 


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