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Monday, February 16, 2015

    Beautiful sunny day here and it stayed well below zero all day.  The wind wasn't as brutal as it had been over the weekend, but there was enough going on to make it too cold to be outside for long without all exposed skin covered.  As you can see, Fred is ready the weather - he says his hat with the fur ear flaps and fur visor he got from L. L. Bean last year is just right for this kind of weather.  Following behind the snow blower when it's snowing and the wind is howling is no walk in the park, and he puts on a lot of miles up and down our driveway and the neighbors, so he has to be prepared for the cold.  The wind has been drifting the snow, packing it pretty hard these past two or three days, and it doesn't take long for the road to fill in enough to be bothersome for a car trying to navigate.
    Speaking of wind, snow and drifts, we have another name for you to call if you need a roof shoveled or other shoveling done.  I had a note from Patty Coffrin letting me know that Jacob Houston, her son-in-law, is here from Alaska and he'll be glad to shovel for anyone who needs it.  Patty said Jacob and Kathryn are expecting the birth of their son, so Jacob will be here for most of the winter.  His cell number is 802-595-2482.  Remember when Jacob and Kathryn were married?  It was in 2012 at Joe's Pond.  
    But back to winter - Fred's cousin, Ora, lives in Rhode Island and has been in touch during this mean weather.  They have had lots of cold and more snow than normal, but not as much snow as the Boston area.  She sent this picture of a hungry little sparrow at her feeder today.  Ora takes beautiful photos and does some really nice things with them.  Looks like he was chirping "Thank you, Ora!"
    A few days ago I got a picture from another member of the family, our sister-in-law, Ella, in Colorado.  She and Fred's brother Tom go there every winter where Tom is a ski instructor.  During the "off season" when they are at home in Laconia, N. H., Ella has lovely flower beds and seems to have a real passion plus a green thumb.  She said she bought these three orchid plants when they first got to Colorado this fall and they have grown from very small plants into these beauties.  The condo they rent there is small and Ella does a great job of making it their "home away from home" each winter.
    Ok, that's all I've got for tonight, kids.  Tuck in, stay warm and safe and cheer up - this weather has to break in another six weeks or so . . . !

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