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Monday, February 09, 2015

    And we're getting more snow today - just showers so far this morning, but more throughout today into Tuesday; however, it looks as if the track of the storm may stay a bit south of us so we may only get an inch or so instead of up to a foot as was predicted in yesterday's reports.  That said, there's still a heavy load on most roofs already and we've had a report of one area roof collapsing this past week under the weight of the snow.  Jane Larrabee said one of the ice fishermen heard a cracking sound and looked up in time to see it collapse.  We'll try to find out exactly where it was.  The danger will be increased if the weather warms up and we get some rain to make that snow much heavier than it is even now.
    In case you didn't see my earlier posting suggesting those of you not here should arrange for someone reliable to go check your camp.  In some spots the wind may have done the job of clearing your roof for you, but in other locations that may not be the case and there could even be additional snow deposited by drifting.  If you need someone to shovel or rake your roof, contact the Johnsons at 802-274-8048 or 802-535-4802, or get in touch with Nate Curschmann, 802-279-6131.  These are local contacts and they will do a good job for you at reasonable rates.

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