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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

    Many people have asked for an update on Garey Larrabee.  As most of you know, Garey had a serious accident that resulted in a severe laceration to his right arm.  He was at Dartmouth Hitchcock for many weeks and had several operations.  He returned home before the holidays and has been doing very well.  Yesterday he had several appointments between DHMC in Lebanon, NH and the Veteran's Hospital in White River Junction, and when I was in the store yesterday I was told he has at least one more operation which will involve three surgeons, and pending the availability of these doctors, he will be operated upon later this month. We hope all went well during the appointments yesterday so surgery can move ahead later this month.

Good News!
    The webcam is operating.  Diane just called and it's all set up.  I can only imagine how she must have suffered putting that out there in this miserable cold.  It's still in the single numbers above zero here.  I need to go back to see what her big thermometer is reading.  It may not be quite down to the true reading as I think she just got it placed this morning and it may not have had time to adjust. 
    Remember that you need to use Internet Explorer to access the webcam.  You can then go to our website, www.joespondvermont.com, and follow the links on home page.  You need to have the user name:  admin; and the password: 1111.  That should get you in.  Let us know if you have a problem.
      Many thanks to Diane and Bill for allowing the use of those two cameras.  Don't expect the Ice-Out flag to appear on the ice for at least six weeks . . .  We're thinking mid-March or early April if this cold weather keeps up. 
    P.S. - earlier I had written in this post that one of the cameras was pointed at Barre Ave. - I was wrong.  I saw Diane this evening and she corrected me.  The camera is pointed across the pond towards Old Homestead Road on the east shore.  I wasn't paying attention, obviously.  So Angela - I'll try to get some Barre Ave. shots for you soon!  I promise!

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