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Thursday, December 04, 2014

We're in for a cold night - near zero according to weather folks.  It's already in the mid-teens and sliding steadily downward.  It's been a fairly nice day, but much nicer in St. Johnsbury were the sun seemed warmer and there was little or no wind.  We remarked it was very nice to get "off the hill to a warmer climate once in a while."  Here at the pond it was cold and windy, but sunny.  I doubt the thermometer got much above 20 degrees all day here.

We were surprised to see a strip of open water in the middle of the big pond almost to the narrows when we went down West Shore Road this morning.  Perhaps it is because of the wind whipping down from north to south keeping the water moving so it didn't freeze.  The wind has died down and I'm sure it will be fully closed in by tomorrow morning.  

We had an inch or so of snow yesterday after a little rain, and then it was cold overnight.  This morning our deck had a crust under the snow, so it was hard for me to get an accurate measurement of either new snow or the amount of precipitation in it.  The roads were apparently slick for a time early this morning, and I-89 was closed because of an accident and drivers were being cautioned that there were "poor road conditions," but by the time we went to St. Johnsbury Route 2, at least, was fine.  It's good to be very careful, though, as this is when there may be icy spots where you least expect them, especially when it's very cold like tonight, and the salt on roads doesn't get a chance to work very well.

Now I'm going to go out and heat up the last of the Thanksgiving Day leftovers - except for the turkey soup, which is made and  frozen - and watch the news while we have supper.  Woody has been sleeping in the sun all day and now is asking to go outside.  Last night he tried both doors before he became resigned to staying in.  He always seems to think there will be warmer weather on the other side of a different door . . .   With the changeable weather we've had he hasn't realized it's winter yet, so we indulge him.  On a night like tonight it may take a trip out of only one door to convince him. 


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