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Friday, December 19, 2014

We finished the DVD project and it's on its way - I'm confident it will arrive well before Christmas.  Whew!!  We both struggled with this one, but once it was over, we laughed that we sort of missed the challenge it had presented.  I'm pretty sure we'll find another interesting project to challenge one or both of us.  Right now I'm going to try to concentrate on Christmas.

We were in St. Johnsbury Thursday, final shopping for our Christmas Eve dinner and various errands.  On the way home, I took some pictures - we really do have quite a lot of snow.  This picture is one of our neighbors down the road. Today has been cold.  I never did get outside except at 9 a.m. to measure the snow that had fallen in the past 24 hours (just under 2 inches), and that was fine with me.  There had been a misty rain that froze on the collection tube so it was not only hard to get free of the post so I could take it inside and melt the contents to measure, it was also very slippery, crusted with ice inside and out.  The warmer weather Thursday helped get some of the snow off the trees, do the light rain freezing on wasn't as bad as it might have been.  I never did get out to brush the snow off the stake that shows the total snow depth.  Fortunately, Ma Nature did that for me.  The snow settled a bit and this morning showed 13 inches.  It had been 14.5 on Thursday.
The reindeer at Point Comfort were taking a practice run as we passed by.  Only a few days left. And then we'll be contemplating a new year.  Time really passes by very quickly.  

I haven't heard whether Miranda Greenwood found her dog, Teila, or not.  I sure hope so.  It's too cold for her to be outside this kind of weather.  I've noticed on Front Porch Forum that several dogs have wandered off recently.  Fortunately, they are usually found safe and sound, but it's heart breaking to know they are lost and possibly in danger.  We are used to letting our animals roam free in this very rural area, but I'm thinking it isn't a very good idea.  Dogs have a habit of chasing after game or even following a scent or track, and apparently don't have the same homing instinct that a cat does.  Best to keep them on a leash, I guess.  We're all hoping Teila  is found or comes home on her own.


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Linda said...

You have a very nice blog. I have been to Vermont many times; it is lovely. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.