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Sunday, December 28, 2014

We actually saw some sunshine today!  It was quite warm and windy this morning, but shortly after noon the thermometer began to slip downward so tonight we are in the  20's - much more "normal" for December.  Now the ski areas can begin making snow again to make up for all we've lost with the last few days of rain.  I'm showing only about 6 inches at the stake in the back yard.  I'm sure there is more in the mountains, but still - we lost a lot.  I learned from Diane Rossi yesterday that there have been fishermen out on the ice already.  We decided they, of all people, should know how thick the ice is and if it's safe, but both of us agreed we would not be comfortable going out on it - not after the rain and thawing of the past week or so.  Diane plans to have her web cams operating after the first of the year - we'll alert you when they are up and running.

It's been a quiet weekend for us.  We've both been busy at our computers most of the day, catching up after the holiday "break."  We have a fairly busy week ahead and no special plans to celebrate the New Year - a quiet dinner for two will be our "party."  Last year I had a "ball" of lights at the top of our flag pole and lowered it at midnight while Fred made a movie with the camera - protesting the whole time.  It was not a huge success.  The lights didn't come down smoothly as I'd planned and I forgot to count down the seconds.  Between my giggling and Fred's grumbling, it was not a performance I wanted to repeat this year.  2015 will arrive on schedule without fanfare at the Brown's.


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