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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

It's been a fairly mild day with a little rain about noon time.  We got three inches of snow last night, but that has settled considerably during the day.  This mildness isn't for long, however.  The temperature is dropping now and tomorrow is supposed to be much colder with very low temperatures tomorrow night - like near zero.  Our weather continues to have wild swings and crazy patterns, but when all's said and done, November was a fairly average month for precipitation and temperatures, according to the weather folks.  It's anybody's guess what December will be like.

We went to the far western corner of Cabot yesterday to return some photos lent to me by Barbara Carpenter.  She lives high on the "next ridge over" from the Plain, on Ducharme Road.  Ducharme Road was part of the County Road years ago.  Barbara has written a very nice history of that road that goes to Calais.  

Fred went with me to help carry some heavy files I returned to the Cabot Town Office vault.  I have finished a long and complicated project to preserve the paper transcripts of interviews we did for the oral history book published in 1999.  It was good to get those files safely back to the vault.  Now I have a new project - to make copies of all the photos I scanned from Barbara's collection and get them filed in an album ready to return to the Cabot Historical Society.  This, too, will take some time.

In the meantime, I've been researching for the West Danville history project, which is slowly moving ahead.  Those of us working on that project find our busy lives sometimes interfere with our good intentions, but we will persevere. 

While I was visiting with Barbara yesterday, Fred was taking pictures.  There is a very large flock of wild turkeys "residing" at the Carpenter Farm; Barbara sputtered they had "overrun the place."  I had seen them there a few weeks ago and they were there again yesterday.  Fred got some pictures.  I think they are very smart to choose that location - the farm is lovely and I always enjoy going there.  Barbara and daughter Sue, have kept it looking much as it did in the 1800's, and it just has a lot of charm and nostalgia about it.

I was sad to learn that my good friend Carlton Domey passed away on Sunday.  Carlton was zoning administrator and also a lister in the Town of Cabot for many years.  I often had occasion to consult him about Cabot history or other questions.  He grew up in the Lower Village, on Gould Flat, and knew just about everyone in town, where they lived, who their parents were and who had lived there before them.  He served the town well and we will miss him.  He used to often remind me that he and I were "about the oldest ones left" that had grown up in Cabot.  I didn't always appreciate that distinction, but he was right.  I'm sorry he couldn't stay with us longer.  


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