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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I measured about 2 1/2 inches of new snow this morning, but around noon the snow turned to rain, plus the temperature has remained in the low 30s most of the day, so the snow pack has diminished somewhat.  We still have plenty, however - about a foot on our back lawn - and we'll definitely have a white Christmas!

Speaking of white Christmas, here's one of my favorite songs of the season - of course, I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.   I particularly like this version . . . !

We'll be busy tomorrow getting ready for our family get-together on Christmas Eve.  Nearly everything is ready, but there are always the last-minute details.  I make lists, otherwise, something will be forgotten.  Three-year-old Tangeni called tonight to let me know they will bring cupcakes. She's very excited about that.  I haven't heard anything at all about Santa Claus, so I don't know how that will play out.  For the grownups it's more about getting the family together, the food and fun, and maybe she isn't old enough to know Christmas means gifts for children, as well.  I think she'd be happy with dinner, her aunts and uncles, grandma and grandpa and Woody!

The turkeys have been back and forth a couple times today, stopping at the apple tree for a snack on the way through each trip.  One spent quite a bit of time there this morning, all alone after the others had continued on by, but this afternoon they all showed up again going in the opposite direction, just like yesterday.  I can't tell them apart, and we aren't sure if they are male or female.  There are no beards, but they could be youngsters, even though they look full grown.  They jump up to get the little crab apples, and the lone one this morning got an apple on every jump - perfect aim.

We wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas, hopefully spent with family and friends. May your day be "happy and bright."

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