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Thursday, November 27, 2014

We received 12 inches of new snow from this storm.  The snow has stopped and the temperature is now about 20 degrees, so we won't be losing it right away.  Some of us expect we probably won't see much bare ground until sometime in May, but we could be wrong.  For now everything is beautiful - the trees wearing deep snow on sagging branches, and everything around us is white and clean.
These pictures were taken by Fred early this morning.  We had a little sunshine, but it didn't last.  Most of the day was overcast, but no more snow.

The roads were well cleared so most people were able to get to wherever they needed to be for this important holiday. And tomorrow those who wish to can head for the stores downtown or their favorite mall.

We had oldest son, Bill and family here for Thanksgiving dinner.  Monika had to leave early to get to work at NVRH, but Bill and the girls stayed for a while.  This is a picture of Tangeni trying to awaken big sister Jo-Ann who had a long after-dinner nap.  She has an impish look - and persisted until Jo-Ann finally got up.  Fortunately, Jo-Ann is very patient - like Woody.  Today Woody did retreat a few times to the garage, and finally took refuge under the bed in the guest room.  By then Tangeni had lost track of him and accepted that he was probably outside.  She called back to us as she was getting into the car, "Be sure to find Woody!"  

After everyone left, Fred had a nap and I dozed in my chair watching a movie on TV.  It was half an hour or so before Woody came out to the living room.  It wasn't just Tangeni's constant attention today, it was that Woody is smart enough to know when there are just a few too many human feet to dodge.    

Tomorrow it's back to a normal schedule and normal eating.  But today it was great to indulge in more than I needed of food I usually shun - and it was ALL GOOD!  Bill brought a delicious ham and Jo-Ann had made banana bread and corn bread - both still warm from the oven on arrival and  scrumptious; and then she'd made a huge batch of chocolate candy with nuts -- sooooo good.  No point in counting calories today!

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