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Monday, November 10, 2014

November is a dreary month, for sure.  The sun has been blocked most of today by dense clouds, but the temperature has been in the 40's and practically no wind, at least on our hillside.  Most of our snow is gone, but vegetation is dead or dying, at least outwardly.  Lots of deep brown and gray-greens with a few splashes of yellow leaves or from the few needles left on our tamaracks. 

I listed our oversize evergreens on Front Porch Forum again this year, but like last year, not much interest.  I knew it would take a large space to fit even the smallest one in, but had hoped someone would want a big tree to set up outside or in a large community space.  I suppose someone might want one to transplant on their lawn, and that would be great.  I am very partial to these trees, having enjoyed them since they were mere four-foot "infants," and knew from the moment we made the decision to get rid of them I wanted someone to enjoy them rather than just having them cut down and chipped.  Oh, well.  My original plan was to have trees on the hillside so Fred wouldn't have to mow that steep slope.  That has more or less worked, except now the trees are beginning to block our view - a natural consequence I should have foreseen, but all those years ago it just wasn't on my radar.

Tomorrow, as you know, is Veterans' Day.  In case you may not be aware of how the day came about, I found this History of Veterans' Day site.  We owe all our service men and women a lot of respect  just for signing up to defend their country, whether they have gone to some foreign country or were assigned duty in the states.  They put their lives on the line and sometimes careers on hold to serve.  
I salute all our veterans and those men and women serving our country today who will one day be "veterans."


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