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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

We visited the Charles D. Brainerd Public Library yesterday with Fred's cousin, Ora, and her friend, Kate, from Rhode Island.  Both ladies were impressed with its history and the work the committee has done to revitalize it. 

We had lunch at Three Ponds - such good food!  I had the braised chicken wrap and it was perfect.  It came with a side - a salad for me - and that, too was just right.  They were busy by waves - but we didn't have to wait for our order to be taken or to be served.  As nobody was waiting for a table when we finished, we lingered over tea and chatted a little extra time before heading over to the library.
Mary Anne Cassani was manning the station (pun intended since it was a gas station in a former life!) and we spent some time chatting with her and telling the ladies the history of the place and something of what it took for it to be rehabbed.  Mary Anne took this picture of the four of us, me, Fred, Ora and Kate.  She made me promise not to post any pictures of her - but I have to tell you, Ora took a couple of really nice pictures of her.  Mary Anne said she'd had several visitors during the day; and as we were leaving, the sky darkened and we had to make a run for the car in the rain.  

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