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Sunday, July 30, 2017

I heard the Italian Dinner at the JPA pavilion last night was very good.  I'm sorry we missed it, but on the other hand, we had lots of fun listening to The Hitmen at Prouty Beach in Newport.

I had never been to Prouty Beach before, so I was totally unprepared for how extensive it is.  The beach itself is quite small, but there is a steep hill that slopes down to a nice level expanse bordering the water.  The upper level has dozens of camp sites for RVs, and around one side there are tenting sites.  There seemed to be two pavilions - a large one where they were serving a pig roast - feeding lots of people - and a smaller one next to the water's edge for the band.  The hillside served as a neat amphitheater where lots of people sat on the grassy bank and some brought chairs to sit near the band like we did. There were a number of boats anchored off shore listening to the music.  On the upper level, people from the RV park were lined up along the road overlooking the beach.  Lots of people, but it never really seemed crowded.

The weather was perfect - not a cloud in the sky.  After the sun dipped behind the hillside, it got kind of chilly, but we were well prepared, and  I'm sure all the dancers welcomed the cool air - they were an energetic lot, and loved the oldies - "Devil With a Blue Dress On," "Let's Go,"  and others.   

We were impressed with the number of seagulls that constantly circled above us.  We felt fortunate we didn't get "bombed" by any of them.  I suppose they are used to being wherever there is a chance of being fed - and although nobody was feeding them, they repeatedly flocked overhead, sometimes settling on the far corner of the beach, but were almost constantly around until it got dark.

I'm sorry we didn't take the camera with us this time.  It really was a very pleasant spot for that kind of gathering, and everyone enjoyed the music during and after the pig roast.

Aren't we fortunate to be having a string of very pleasant days right now?  We got the lawn mowed today and some odd jobs around the place completed.  This afternoon some Barre cousins stopped by - Mayo and Ida Sanborn, and seeing them was very nice.  We don't get together often, so we had lots to catch up on.  Ida was a Cabot girl before she married, so she likes to keep up with what is going on in Cabot - plus she's a past president of the Alumni Association. 

Tomorrow I have to go into Cabot Village to get some photos for a Cabot Arcana article, and I'm hoping to have time to check out The Den - the new watering hole in Cabot.  If I do, I'll post some photos tomorrow.

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