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Saturday, July 08, 2017

 Here's a great "before" and "after" example:  The Charles E. Brainerd Memorial Library in West Danville.  The picture on the left was taken in May; the one on the right as it looks today.  Click on the images to make them larger.

As many of you know, a group of ladies and their husbands who live at Joe's Pond got together to literally save the little library that was once a gas station at the end of the bridge in West Danville.  It was moved to it's present location, nearer the beach, years ago and served as a library for many years.  It has been in need of attention for several years, and now it's going to shine again.  This is the smallest library in the State of Vermont - perhaps the nation.  Instead of thousands of books, there are presently only 800, but these are all in good condition.  The books that were in the library when the project started early this spring had to be destroyed because of mice and insects.  

The building has been scrubbed clean, inside and out, repaired, repainted and restocked.  It is now ready to be opened to the public, and there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony a week from today.  (See poster for details.)  Everyone is invited.  It's a special event and I hope you will make time to stop by to congratulate the committee members on their achievement. They are not asking for money, but it would be wonderful if you could make even a small donation when you stop by, to help keep the building stocked and open.  A raffle is planned for later in the summer to help raise money to sustain the library.  

I know how hard they've all worked to reclaim and preserve the little library, and how dedicated they are to keeping it open and available, so let's pitch in and help if we can. 

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