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Monday, May 29, 2017

This came in this afternoon from George Parizo:

Over night a small wooden Dock slid under our dock @ 94 Sandy Beach Road. The wind being out of the south, thinking the Dock came up from the south?
It is lodged under our dock and resting in the sand. Quite sure it’s march North has stopped.
Spring wouldn't be the same if we didn't have runaway stuff floating around in the pond.  Wind, high water, winter ice - all contribute to loosening shoreline equipment and sending items meandering about.  If you're missing your dock, this could be it.
Thanks, George, for letting folks know.
I should also mention that it's a good idea to always keep a watchful eye on the water ahead when boating, but this time of the year there are often bits of debris from ice fishing or barely visible docks like the one above, floating around in the water, so be especially vigilant.  

For those of you who aren't here and may have wondered about "Vermont's smallest public library," Fred got a picture of it this morning.  The little building is undergoing extensive repairs and will hopefully be open again later this summer.  There is an active committee working on it, and they will be looking for new or good used books published fairly recently to restock it.  Unfortunately, the weather and possibly some critters did in the books that were there, and they had to be discarded.  If you have books you wish to donate, get in touch with one of the committee members - Pam Hebert 684-3655, Mary Anne Cassani 684-2195, Karen Morris 227-3107, Nancy Buttura 279-4146 or Joanne Stewart 684-2516.

I finished my stone steps yesterday.  I still have one missing stone at the top where I joined an existing stone walkway, but that's just a matter of finding a small stone just the right shape - or close enough so I can whack off an edge or two to make it fit.  They seem pretty substantial, and already eventually will have vegetation filling in around them, and that's ok.  At least we won't have to paint them, and the snow won't break them in the winter.  I still have work to do on the bank at the left of them, whch will be turned into lawn, I think.  I was going to mow there a couple days ago and hit a tree stump I'd forgotten about - did a number on the mower blade, but fortunately didn't break anything and after Fred made a quick trip to Larrabee's, I was back in business again.

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