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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Today didn't live up to the hype we've been getting from the weather forecasters.  True, it was warm, but the sun was late in arriving and sketchy at best, and there were mini rain showers throughout the day here at Joe's Pond.  Nobody was complaining; it was nice to have it warm outside, and the light rain may help get the frost out of the road and end mud season.  

Mud season hasn't been bad, really.  There have been a few days when it was hard to find ridges to ride through certain spots, but even if the bottom of the car dragged a bit, you could make it through. 

The rain is helping to get the grass going, too.  Danville Green is actually pretty green already.  Just a tad further along than West Danville.  My daffodils are about ready to burst forth, and there is a crocus or two showing off nicely.  I trimmed up one of my lilac bushes today, and it looks healthy.  The rhododendron looks particularly good this year - big and robust with lots of buds.  Last year there were buds, but few opened.  They just seemed to dry up.  

I still have a lot of yard work to do, and we have a fairly big project underway as of this afternoon.  We removed the steps leading from the lower parking area to the walkway by our front deck.  Nobody ever used them and it was difficult to keep them looking nice.  The always seemed to need painting, the lower post has been bumped by
vehicles numerous times, and the stairs seemed to collect an exceptional amount of leaves and mildew.  It was a combination of Trex and pressure treated wood, so it has withstood snow, cold, rain and heat for many years, but it was time for it to go.  Jamie got home from work just in time to haul the remains out for us with his tractor.  Now to repair the damage we caused . . . Above are the before and after pictures.


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