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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Here's the way the pond looks this morning.  The flag is standing
tall and the clock is ticking, but the ice doesn't appear to be doing anything!  

The night was pretty chilly last night - my weather station recorded a low of 31 degrees, so all the water on top of the ice froze up.  Today we've only reached 36 degrees so far and there's a cold wind.  Not much going on as near as we can tell.  We'll keep you posted here.  Diane told me she will try to send a picture of the flag and clock every morning.  

Henretta is still logging in tickets, so we don't have any figures yet.  We are pretty sure ticket sales were down just a tad this year, and of course we blame that on the crazy weather.  With deep cold and snow everywhere in the last weeks of March, nobody was thinking about the ice being gone - they just wanted to get through the misery.  We understand.  We think the prize will still be close to $5,000 for the lucky winner - unless there happens to be more than one, of course.  Time will tell.

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