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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

We've had snow all day, adding at least another 3-4 inches, and it's still snowing, and the temperature is falling - now at 19F and the wind seems to be picking up.  Not great news.

I think the Burlington area actually got more snow in this storm than we did.  The weather people reported 24" there, and in Walden about 18", which is what I measured here this morning.  So if it has been snowing in Burlington today, this will turn out to be the 2nd largest snowstorm ever recorded.  The most snow recorded up there was in 2010, but I noticed the earliest date was 1900.  Also, I'm pretty sure Burlington usually gets less snow than along the ridge from Hardwick through Walden, Cabot and West Danville. Of course, the mountains in between get much more than either the west or east sides of the state.  Here's a chart of snow depths on Mt. Mansfield - looks like about 80 inches right now.

I wonder if anyone can tell us anything about little buildings like this one in the photograph.  I believe they were called "ash houses" and had something to do with making potash or leaching ashes for soap making, but don't know for sure.  My friend, Barbara Carpenter, has been researching and hasn't found much on them, so any information would be of interest.  Send it to me at: janebrowncabot@gmail.com.

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