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Thursday, March 02, 2017

I mentioned in an earlier blog entry that Shelly Walker had noticed a lot of material seemingly left behind when fishing shacks were removed from the ice.  Tonight Shelly called to say that debris has apparently been picked up - she said there's no sign of it, but there were fresh tire tracks on the ice.  This was good news.  We don't like to have a lot of trash floating around in the pond after the ice goes out.  As I explained, sometimes it's just physically impossible to dislodge a shanty that's deeply imbedded in ice, so parts of it have to be left behind.  This was apparently not the case - perhaps just items that couldn't all be taken in one load.  We appreciate it has been taken away.  Thanks to Shelly for letting us know there is no cause for concern.

We've been wondering what the ice depth is after this past warm spell, and according to Kyle Johnson (Edgewood Ave.) as of Sunday night there were 14 inches.  As Kyle mentioned, we had some warm days after that, but now that temperatures are going to be near zero for a few days, we should make up any loss and perhaps even gain a bit more ice.  Thanks to Kyle for that report.

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