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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Weather tonight is cold.  I'm showing zero degrees - and during the day it was well below with the wind chill factored in.  I'm not sure if it will get any colder tonight, but there is no big warmup in the foreseeable future.

We perhaps got another four inches or so of snow today.  I measured 1.5 inches early this morning and it has snowed steadily most of the day, but it was so cold the snow was very dry and didn't pile up much at all.  It did blow around and created some problems on highways where there were white-outs.

I heard from Tom Dente early this morning and they hadn't had any snow then, but tonight I got this message:
 We ended up with 15 to 22 inches in the State. Here we had about 17 inches. A blizzard  during the last three hours made it worst for going out. We stayed in! They said we have another couple in pipeline for this weekend and early next week, but not as severe. Winter fun!

That's a lot of snow to get all at once - probably worse in a metro area where there's lots of traffic and no place for plows to put the snow.  Most of the storm stayed south of us, so southern New England got pelted.

I think Dottie Larrabee, Jane Milne and some others may have been stranded in Boston on their way to Florida today.  I know Jane and Dot were scheduled to leave today.  Perhaps we'll hear from one of them.  I'm sure they'll get out tomorrow ok - the storm should be out of here by then, but it's still going to be very cold for the rest of the weekend.

We were in St. J. this morning and there were very few people out and about.  Railroad Street was very quiet, and the stores were not at all busy - parking was no problem at all, and we were back home in record time.  The top photo is of West Shore Road as we left this morning.  We did recycling, and this car with a doggy friend was the only other customer there.  Usually the place is busy when we go.  The other two pictures are both of St. Johnsbury - coming from recycling and on Railroad Street at the bottom.  There wasn't much wind in St. J., but there certainly was in West Danville.  Hastings store was quiet this morning, too.  I guess everyone who could just stayed at home where it was warm.

We stopped at the new hardware store in St. J. - Aubuchon's - and I was able to clear the way to have Ice Out tickets there this year.  St. Jay Hardware has distributed tickets for us for years, and done a great job, but this fall they closed and Aubuchon Hardware built a large new store on the corner of Railroad Street and Hastings Hill.  It's very nice - and it's particularly nice that the employees from St. Jay Hardware are there - and they have always been great at talking up the Ice Out Contest.  I'll get tickets to them very soon - April 1st will be here before we know it and the contest will close!  Thinking of it that way makes me realize spring really IS just around the corner! 

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