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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

This is the kind of day we've had.  A little sunshine, but unrelenting snow showers.  Most of the day we had big soft flakes drifting down; but there were periods when the wind blew ferociously for a few minutes and it looked like a blizzard out there.  We have probably gained another couple of inches - I haven't looked since morning when I measured 1.5 inches of new snow.  Every day the snow at my stake out back compacts so I've seen 18 inches for the past few days in spite of getting an inch or so of new each night.  It's fairy dust light and really pretty.  The temperature was in low 30s today - but was cold last night - I had a low of minus one on my weather station.  It's 26 degrees as I write this.

I've been working at my computer all day - had some trouble getting things to line up in the very long document I'm working on (pictures and text and page breaks galore!) and after that was solved, spent quite a bit of time researching a couple of questions that had popped up.  You probably guessed I was working on the West Danville history pages.  Now I've finished for the day and am headed to the kitchen to make some pasta for supper.  And maybe a small glass of wine as I'm cooking.

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