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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

This came from Andy Rudin - it's in Swedish with captions, which you don't even need because the video tells it all . . . a bit dangerous, I would say, but this nice couple saved the day!  I would say, "Don't try this at home!"  I'm glad everything turned out well.

We just returned from Burlington - I had an early appointment there this morning and the driving over was not at all good.  Coming home was much better, although from Marshfield to W. Shore Road, as usual, the road conditions were not great.  We didn't see any mishaps, nor were we involved in any, so we have a feeling of relief to be back home.  We are always amazed that we did the commute to Montpelier for so many years and the road conditions were sometimes as bad or worse than this morning, but we didn't think much about it at all.  We're both glad we don't have to do that commute any longer, even though it just proves we're getting to be old fogies.  Now I'm going to settle down with a cup of tea and a petite palmier.

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