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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Snowing again - I measured about an inch early this morning and it's been snowing steadily, sometimes fine flakes and other times big fluffy ones, but it's building up slowly.  Our temperature has risen to 33 degrees, and that probably means the snow will become heavier and perhaps turn to rain at times.  We'll see how that goes.  This is real winter around here this year and may have taken some of us by surprise.  We'd forgotten what it's like to have mounds of snow piling up and having to deal with it.  

Ski resorts are thunderously happy with all the snow, and so are the merchants, restaurants, hotels and motels that support them and the snow machine crowd.  Trails are good and there are lots of happy people on them.  However, this means more accidents, both on the snow machine trails and the ski trails - not to mention the people who have gone through the ice on our lakes and ponds this year.  We welcome people to the north country for recreation, but please be careful.  The same goes for those who live here - don't take any chances, please.  Enjoy the snow, but be safe.

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