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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ok - we got another four inches of snow yesterday and last night, so that puts us in the 16-18 inch range total for this last storm. At
least have Kyle or someone else reliable take a look at it. Although this was lighter than the storm before this - a foot or more of snow is heavy - plus there's a layer of ice that never gave up on many surfaces, like
our deck.  Here's the thing - we have another storm aiming at us in a couple of days - due here Thursday, so lots of you should probably have someone take a look at your cottage roof here at the pond.  Above, looking across towards Route 15 from our living room; and the trees in back of our house - tops fairly clean from the wind yesterday, but lower branches heavy with snow.

I've just had this reminder from Kyle Johnson:
Hey everybody! With the foot of snow we got the other day most roofs will need a good snow shoveling. I am offering a roof shoveling service around the pond. To reach me call me directly at 802-535-6735. 
At least have Kyle or someone else reliable take a look at your camp.  Kyle knows the cottages around the pond, and knows from living here all his life what winters are like and has a good take on whether a roof can withstand the weight or not. The wind may have swept some pretty clear of snow - or could have piled it in big drifts where you wouldn't expect.  Better to be safe than sorry.  Even decks can take a hit when the snow gets too deep and heavy. 
We are apparently in line to get another 6-8 inches from Thursday's storm unless the storm heads further east than is now predicted.  This is the first winter for some time we've had to worry about our roofs being overloaded with snow, so some of you may not have thought about the impact this "real" winter could have on your property here.   I just took this picture of our little back-door deck that we haven't shoveled off - it's small enough so it weathers the snow ok - but you can see how deep it is. 
Today we're enjoying temperatures only around freezing, and the wind we endured yesterday has calmed down  We even saw a little sunshine this morning, but now it's clouded over and looking like snow again.   It's very pretty, though, and I really enjoyed my hike up Jamie & Marie's hill this noon.  
Happy Valentine's Day!

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