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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Another six inches of snow overnight and still snowing lightly.  We
are just seeing the sun peeking through the clouds (top), even as the snow is still falling.  Very pretty.  The temperature is staying in the low to mid 20s, and the wind is gusting to about 25 mph, so there's lots of snow swirling around today and the trees are covered - again.  This is a shot of our trees along our driveway.

We had to go to Danville today and there's lots of snow there, too.  I understand this time around there's more snow as you move east, so St. Johnsbury has had more from this latest storm than we have.  Wherever we went today people were talking about our "old fashioned winter" and lots were even saying how good it seems.  Really!  However, some of us are beginning to think enough of this, already - time to think about spring.  Winter got started a bit late this year, so I suppose there's a good chance spring will be delayed, as well.   Fred got some pictures  while we were in Danville today.  That's Marty's parking lot, and I'm sure you'll recognize the church and post office at the "Green." 

When we got to West Danville, I took a shot 

 from in front of Hastings store - compared to some of those Danville pictures, it looks fairly moderate in West Danville for a change.  The wind was blowing, as usual, and there is still plenty of snow at Joe's Pond - I think we're just used to seeing piles of snow there so we don't get as excited as when it piles up in other places. 

There is a lot of snow on roofs everywhere, so that will be a concern, especially if we get the rain that is in the forecast.

In the meantime, Ice-Out ticket sales are picking up and in a about a week we'll have numerous outlets armed with tickets and the website will have a page up and running with pay-on-line tickets starting March 1. With all this snow to insulate the ice, we could have a more normal Ice-Out this year where we won't be biting our nails for fear the flag will go down before the April 1st deadline for buying tickets.  On the other hand, we have five plus weeks to go, and anything can happen.  Like rain possible this weekend.  It's going to take a lot of rain to wash away all this snow, so I doubt spring will happen any time soon.

If you have to travel, be safe, slow down and don't take chances.  If you plan to visit the north country to snowmobile, ski or ice fish, be extra careful.  We've had altogether too many accidents this year - people going through the ice with trucks or snowmobiles, and also people losing control of their machines, going off trails and getting hurt, or skiers being hurt and/or lost because they went off trails.  Let someone know where you're going, and whatever you're doing don't do it alone - and be prepared for any emergency.  

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