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Monday, January 23, 2017

It seems the enjoyable part of our January thaw is over and we can expect nasty weather tonight and tomorrow.  The usual mix of wet snow, possibly some rain, icing and of course, wind.  It's a pattern that doesn't seem to change.  It was pretty nice outside today, but there was a thin film of ice this morning, and that could have been very slippery on the roads.  There has been a lot of fog, and when the temperature began to go down, everything was wet from the fog and mist and then froze.  

We have noticed activity at the Ken and Nancy Mason home here on West Shore Road.  We knew both Ken and Nancy have had health problems, so today I contacted their daughter-in-law, Cherese.  She told me Nancy is in a nursing home and Ken, who has been recovering from heart problems, has been with her and Kent.  She and Kent have their cottage on Edgewood Rd. on the market, as well as their home in Barre, and will be moving to 1581 West Shore Road, Ken and Nancy's home, year around.  She said they are making some repairs on the house now, but it should be ready by spring.  It's nice to know they will be moving there - it's a lovely location and a very nice home.  I'm sure Ken will be spending visiting during the summer as well, but it's good he has his own place, too.  He is feeling very well, Cherese said, and that's good news.

We can probably expect some blips in our electric power tonight if the storm develops as the weathermen are predicting.  This is the same storm that has spawned tornadoes in other parts of the country, but we don't expect anything like that here.  Too many hills to break up the force of the wind.  As of this morning, my wind gauge is frozen again, so I'll need to go outside if I want to find out how hard the wind is blowing.  I probably won't go out until tomorrow morning when I have to get precipitation measurements. The snow is going to be very wet, according to the forecast, so perhaps it won't blow around and cause quite as many white-out problems on the highways.  But still, it is a good night to stay at home if you don't absolutely have to go anywhere.

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