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Friday, December 09, 2016

Well, this has been a blustery day.  We got another five inches of very light, fluffy snow last night and another skimming during the day today, but mostly it's been the wind shifting things around and making squalls and white-outs that's been bothersome.  It's been in the 20s all day, but just now I noticed the temperature has slipped into the teens.  It's going to be a cold night, and the wind isn't going to let up, so the chill factor will be really cold.  It is a good night to stay inside by the fire.  We remind folks to give your animals warm shelter, too. 

This morning when I was outside taking snow measurements, a very large flock of geese went over.  At first I could only hear them, but then they cleared the snow showers that were going on in the Walden hills and found clear air space as they went over our house in a southerly direction.  I guess they fly no matter what the conditions.  They seemed to be in a hurry - perhaps because they  seemed to have gotten a late start on their trip.  I guess the warm weather a couple weeks ago fooled them, too.

We're pretty surprised that the pond froze over and it looks like it may not open up again until spring.  That is definitely unusual - but of course, we could still have some warm weather and rain this month that would open it up again.  This weekend should be cold enough to thicken the ice considerably.

I've been busy doing Christmas sewing projects.  This year is more of a challenge than normal due to having macular degeneration going on in both eyes.  I can still thread the sewing machine needle with the help of a magnifying glass - I think I could manage without the magnifying glass, but it would be way too frustrating.   I think I sewed pretty straight seams, but I'll really never know unless someone complains because everything I look at seems to have "bumps," so I sort of  depend on what I think I "know" things look like from past experience.  Perhaps I should try drawing or painting a picture just to see what genre it would fit into - modern? abstract? junk?  Kidding aside, I'm so very fortunate to have discovered the problems with my sight early enough so the shots work to keep my vision from getting worse.  The doctor tells me over time my brain will adjust to the mixed and flawed images and I will be bothered less by the distortion.  Right now I'd have to say I'm a slow learner.  Fortunately, my distance vision is still good - it's reading and other close work that takes some patience.

We watched Hairspray Live! the other night.  I'd seen the movie but had forgotten all the messages within the script.  Over all, I enjoyed it, but I think the most interesting performance of the night was Harvey Fierstein playing Edna Turnblad.  I didn't recognize Martin Short right away - hadn't seen him for a while.  Loved Jennifer Hudson - great voice.  It must have been difficult to do the show that way - some shots out in the street, etc., and with a mixed cast of Broadway and non-Broadway actors.  I was glad I watched.

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