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Friday, November 11, 2016

Shelly Walker sent this message this morning - we were away today so I just found it.  This was probably someone taking a last ride around the pond before hauling their boat out, but this late in the season it's always a little suspicious to have a boat cruising around, especially after dark.  Let us know if you have solid information about what was going on.  Shelly wrote:

Last evening I was watching TV and was distracted by very bright lights so close to my shore line that I think I could have just walked onto the boat.
It was very shallow with extremely bright white lights and bright green and red lights.  It had what looked like aluminum arms off each sided and I could hear a motor.  When I got my binoculars, it sped up and went past the boat house.  Later I saw it over by Cassani’s.  Then it went over to the access area.  It looked like they were loading it onto a flatbed truck.  It took about 45 minutes before they left.

Those of you basking in warm temperatures around the country will be pleased to know we have had showers/snow showers today, and it's spitting snow at this moment.  Nothing serious, but the wind has been cold - even where we were in Burlington.  The temperature here is 32 degrees, and it promises to be a cold night.  

There will be lots of hunters out in the woods tomorrow, so if you are walking - even on West Shore Road, be sure you wear some bright red or orange - on yourself and on your dog, if you have one walking with you.  No brown or splashes of white, please.  We don't want anyone to be mistaken for a deer.   There will also be lots of slow-moving vehicles on the back roads, so don't be surprised; it just deer hunters hoping to see a buck crossing the road or out in a field.  It's the first weekend of deer season.  Of course we wish good luck to hunters, but I also always secretly hope the deer make it through unscathed.  Mostly, I hope nobody gets lost or hurt in the woods or elsewhere, and no pets are accidentally shot, so use commons sense and be safe.

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