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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Mystery Solved . . .

This message came from George Parizo today: 

 Hi Jane
I too was surprised to see bright lights on the water Thursday night. As a boat passed our house I got a good look at the boat. it was Paul Letourneau and crew with his work pontoon
boat. They were finishing up pulling docks out of the water for the season.  They were on the lake about an hour.
The Loon chick has not been seen since I saw it with the adult loon two week ago. Thinking it has left Joes Pond, Big flocks of Geese have been stopping to rest and have spent all day
in front of our place but have not ventured on to the lawn. They may have been to“pooped”to leave the water. There is some sort of plant on the bottom of the lake at our place and
ducks & geese feed on it. Yup lunch at the Parizo’s.  Maybe they know they are safe here as I no longer hunt?
Geroge Parizo
 Thanks, George, for letting us know.  Also, good news that the loons have probably left.  We don't want them to find themselves surrounded by ice and unable to fly out some morning.  As for the geese having lunch at Parizo's - let's hope next spring they don't decide to hang out for "lunch on the lawn."

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