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Sunday, November 13, 2016

I hadn't heard from my friend, Mary Whitcomb, for a while so it was good the have this message and a couple of pictures from her today:
 Hello Jane,  I just finished reading your blog about the opossum in the ditch that George saw and wanted to share my opossum story with you.  I had a pair of them during the winter of 2013-2014 and then just one during the winter months in 2014-2015.  They would come about 6 pm to eat any leftover sunflower seeds.  They were hungry and like kids in a candy store, they loved to eat overripe bananas.  They didn’t mind when I turned on the light and took lots of pictures of them, but boy, oh boy, did they move ever so slowly!  Once they’d finished eating, they made they way down the steps, across the lawn, and back into the woods.  Even though last winter was warmer, they didn’t come back, but I enjoyed seeing them the 2 previous winters.  😊   Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Take care.  Mary Whitcomb'

Thank you for the message and great pictures, Mary.  

Fred just went out and got this picture of the moon coming up over the east shore of the pond.  It's been a lovely day with warm temperatures and lots of sunshine.  As I write this at 5 p.m., the temperature outside is 41 degrees and the sky, as you can see, is cloudless.  That probably means we'll have a fairly cold night, but even so, our mostly mild fall weather persists.  

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