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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

This gorgeous picture was sent this morning from our new neighbors, James and Gretchen Farnsworth, who recently bought the Sam and Judy Lewis home on Sandy Beach Road.  Many thanks to the Farnsworths for sharing - they are just beginning to experience the joys of living on Joe's Pond, and I've very happy to welcome them here. 

 Old Sim Whittier would appreciate how beautiful his island still is, I'm sure.

I had a comment looking for information about the Dubray family in Danville.  I know there were Dubrays in Cabot - but not sure about any in Danville.  If you know, let me know (janebrown@fairpoint.net) and I'll post the information.  Also, if the person who made the inquiry will contact me directly so I have an e-mail address to respond, I may be able to help with information on the Cabot Dubrays.

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Yelow2 said...

Awesome pict ☺