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Friday, October 14, 2016

I am sorry to learn of the passing of Eleanor (Walbridge) Blondin, mother of Cheryl Semprebon (Old Homestead Rd.).   Our deepest sympathy goes to Cheryl and her family.  Condolences may be sent to Cheryl at 1616 McGlynn Rd, Graniteville VT 05654.

Eleanor was born and raised in Cabot, the daughter of Fred and Thelma Walbridge, who lived at Maple Glen, a lovely farm on the Cabot Plains Road.  That farm is now owned by the Burtt family.  It is no longer a dairy farm as it was when Eleanor was a girl; it now has a thriving apple business and the cattle that roam the hillside are beef cattle.   The Burtts continue making maple syrup - Maple Glen was renowned for their maple orchard and "sugaring-off parties" when friends would gather in the spring to sample the sweet, thick maple syrup drizzled on packed, clean snow.  There were crisp sour cucumber pickles to "cut the sweet," and lots of good humor at these parties.   This is a picture of one of the parties at the Walbridge sugar house in Eleanor's grandfather, Payson's day.  This color photo is of the sugar woods in Eleanor's father's time.  You can see the stumps of trees that were cut to allow space, light and air to enhance  production in the spring and allow for movement with a team or tractor to gather the sap.  This was in the 1950s, before the use of plastic tubing.

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