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Sunday, October 16, 2016

As I was writing this I had a call from Joey Calcagni, North Shore Road.  Joey said there is a rubber raft type float in the cove just off the JPA boating access, off shore from about the Sanguinetti camp.  He said it blew in Friday night and seems to be anchored there.  It may have come from the Channel Drive area, so if you may have had one on your lawn or dock that is missing, that's where it is.  Give Joey a call, 802-684-3835, and he will retrieve it for you if you don't have a boat in the water.  And thanks to Joey for letting us know about that.

We are beginning to see more leaves on the ground than on the trees now - especially on the hillsides where the wind hits.  Our day is a some sun, some clouds sort of mix, but there is a warmth in the south wind that makes us hopeful we'll get a little rain.  A "little" rain is what is in the forecast, but every little bit will help. 

I heard some old-timer say recently that a dry summer forecasts a winter with lots of snow.  We can only hope.  But not too much, please.  Last winter we really didn't have much at all, and in some ways that was kind of nice; but we do need the moisture in the ground to replenish our water supplies - we just don't need storm after storm after storm dumping snow by feet instead of inches each swipe.  Fred took these pictures on his way to Cabot Apple Pie Festival yesterday.   And here is a nice piece done by the Times Argus about Saturday's Apple Pie Festival.

The picture below was taken on West Shore Road on Friday - that is Shelly Walker's new garage across the road from her home.  She will be so glad she has a garage come winter!  She's all set for her first winter at Joe's Pond.  I know she's looking forward to living here - she will have lots of entertainment watching the ice fishermen and snowmobiles in a few more weeks, I expect.  And she'll be so glad her car is tucked into a nice garage instead of sitting out in the weather.  I remember the days of having to clean snow and ice off the windshield before heading off to work most mornings.  We do appreciate having a garage now.

I'm spending a very quiet day today - not what I'd planned by any means, but when I bent down to tie my shoes this morning, my back caught and no manner of stretches unhinged it.  It happens every now and then - usually when I have a full schedule of activity planned, like I do this week.  I'm comfortable at my computer, so that is where I'll concentrate my energy today instead of outside doing last-minute yard work before winter.  Most of it is done and except for wrapping some of our small trees and bushes to protect them from wind and crushing snow, everything else can remain undone until spring.

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