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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chilli Cook-Off!!

The Friends of the Jaquith Library is gearing up for its third annual Chili Cook-Off during the Marshfield Fall Festival on October 2nd.  Last year we had 13 chili entries and 75 tasters - really fun and a great fundraiser for the library.  Would YOU like to contribute a Chili?  If you are interested, please reply by September 23rd. The chili entries should arrive by 10:30am on the day of the festival, in a crock pot, contain approximately 25 servings (a 5qt or 6qt crock pot with extra chili so we can top off your crock pot as it empties would be great) and be accompanied by an easily legible ingredients list. The tasting/voting piece of the chili competition is from 11-until the first chili runs out.  After the first chili runs out we will be selling bowls of chili without the voting.  Last year the competition piece lasted from 11-1pm.  The announcement of winners will be at 2pm.  We'll have five gift baskets - the top three winners, a vegetarian winner and a children's winner.  This year the first prize basket will include a $50 prize as well.  Look for upcoming announcements on Front Porch Forum, ask at the library or contact the Friends at friendsofthejaquith@gmail.com.
Susan Green
Jaquith Public Library
122 School St. RM 2
Marshfield, VT 05658

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