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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer definitely isn't over - today got pretty hot and sticky.  

We heard from the family in Africa tonight.  They were supposed to start their flight home today, but the airline had somehow managed to cancel their reservations, so they spent the whole day in the airport at Windhoek trying to get things straightened out.  The airline (South African Airways) put them up in a hotel near the airport and they have a flight out tomorrow morning for Johannesburg.  They are hoping everything goes well from there on, but no guarantees.  With luck, they will be home Saturday.  Needless to say, none of them are happy campers about the mixup - they were all very ready to come home.

Don't forget there's a yard sale at the West Danville church on Saturday morning and a cocktail party at the Joe' Pond Association pavilion in the evening.

The church sale reminds me of years ago when my kids were small and we were living in St. Johnsbury.  The South Church had rummage sales every now and then, and I used to donate clothing and toys our boys had outgrown.  My mother-in-law, Dot Dimick, used to work on the sales and would always buy things at the sale for her grandsons.  That was much appreciated, but more often than I can count, she would bring us some of the things we had just donated.  I don't think I told her at the time - I'd just donate it again at the next sale.  It got to be a family joke, and I'm pretty sure by the time the kids were older and she was no longer working on rummage sales, they kidded her about how many times our donations came back to us.  Dot lived with us for a number of years when the boys were teenagers.   She had raised two boys herself, so understood boys pretty well and appreciated their jokes, fortunately.  She was a good sport and had a big heart, which was a must to survive living with her daughter-in-law and three young boys.  We were all going in different directions and I'm sure it was hard for her to keep up with everything.

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