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Sunday, August 28, 2016

End of Summer at JPA

This came from president of the Joe's Pond Association today:

Hi Jane,
With the last event yesterday, after a very good year of events, the Pavilion is now closed. Yesterday’s event, a musical social event, A Summer Cocktail Party, was enjoyed by many during the beautiful afternoon and early evening weather. Fantastic hors d’oeuvre, great live music and a crowd singing and dancing through the last event culminated a great year.
 Today however, was the closing of the Pavilion until next spring. The members closing this year were : Richard and Carmen Gagne, Jack and Susan LaGue, Larry Rossi, Mike Yesalonia and Camilla and I. Curtains were removed and retired to their winter home and other items put away for nine months and the American Flag, the last item, was removed, folded properly, and put away for the winter. Thanks to all the help everything was accomplished in about one hour.

It's always a little sad to close things up at the end of a great summer, but it's time - fall will be here soon, and even though we may have lots of really nice weather for a while, everyone has to get back to their  schedules and meetings - life in the city, at school, back to work, or for some it's just feeling the need to follow the sun and warm weather.  The rest of us will stay here, holding the fort.  

We've had a good year at JPA - lots of fun parties, meetings and shared events at the pond.  I will be sending Ice-Out tickets to those members who did not pick them up either at Hastings Store or one of our meetings.  I know lots of you like to have them to give as stocking stuffers at Christmas, or just as little fun gifts.  Let us know if you want more - or if you aren't a member and would like a few, let me know or go on line where you can print tickets or buy batches of five and pay on line.

Enjoy the rest of the summer - and a spectacular fall seems to be building.  We are noticing bright spots of color already here and there in the maples, so this could be one of those years when the colors just won't quit.  With unusual weather moving into the southern and mid-Atlantic states, Joe's Pond is the best place to be, I think.  Better hang out here for a while before you all head south. 

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