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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Another hot and muggy day.  We've had a fair amount of rain, too, and that's good - except in some spots it came down so fast and furiously most ran off without doing the earth and crops much good.  I measured just over two inches on Saturday morning after the downpour Friday afternoon; and this morning there was another half inch in my measuring tube.  It was not a great weekend for Danville Fair, and that's too bad - but I heard lots of folks turned out in spite of the weather and I'm sure they had fun, even if they had to dodge showers.

The Joe's Pond folks gathered last night for a Pig Roast, and that was a great meal.  We hadn't had one for a few years, but Michelle Parker and Billy Keach volunteered to bring it back and they made it a really nice event.  The pavilion was decorated with sunflowers - huge, lovely blooms on each table, and the food was delicious.  Even though it rained, it was very comfortable in the pavilion, and I'm sure everyone had a good time.  The evening concluded when Michelle asked Tom and Camilla Dente to come forward and then presented them with a lovely plaque to thank both for all the hard work they do for the Joe's Pond Association.  It was well deserved - Tom and Camilla are a great team - President and First Lady of JPA - and they work hard to keep things running smoothly.  Unfortunately, we didn't have the camera with us, so I don't have pictures for you - but it certainly was a memorable occasion. 

We are nearing the end of our 2016 season at Joe's Pond -  our last business meeting of the year is next Saturday, Aug. 20, at 10 a.m. at the pavilion.  The last JPA social event of the season will be the Cocktail Party on Aug. 27th.  More about that later, or you can give Carmen Gagne a call at 802-498-4225.

Tom Dente sent this nice shot of the evening sky - he's thinking "rainbow" - not quite the whole thing, but surely the moisture in the sky had something to do with this interesting formation. Click on the picture to enlarge it.   Very nice, and thank you, Tom.

Lots of folks were asking us last night if we have heard from the family in Namibia, and the answer is "not since early last week."  We think the wedding must be over by now, even though Namibian weddings can last several days.  I think the bride has to get back to her studies in China right away and the groom, a pilot, needs to get back to his job with the airline.  Our gang will be resting up and enjoying family there for another week and then heading back home around the 23rd.  They will spend a little time in Windhoek where both Monika and Jo-Ann will visit friends, and then will start the long trip home.  I think both Jo-Ann and Tangeni start school as soon as they get back.

We were hoping our cat, Woody might continue to be wary of being out after dark given his close call last week, but tonight he was in full pestering mode, very insistent to be let out; but we didn't relent, and he has spent the evening in the garage where we know he's safe.  Not happy, but safe.  Jamie and Marie told us they spotted a very large coyote in the field above their house a couple days ago, so now we're thinking perhaps that was what happened to the neighbors' cats and possibly what Woody escaped from.  Not taking any chances.  Woody may not like us for keeping him confined, but he will just have to accept hunting for mice in the garage, not the fields after dark.

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