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Monday, June 06, 2016

We had a lot of rain yesterday.  I measured 1.74 inches this morning.  Some areas around us got a bit more, some less, but we all needed some rain and hopefully the ground absorbed enough so there wasn't significant flooding. Streams are running high, though, and it's good to have a day off from rain today before more showers throughout the week.

I had a note from Homer and Margaret Fitts saying they went to church in Peacham yesterday and on their way there came upon a good sized black bear in the middle of Route 2 just before West Shore Road.  It may have been the same one Sam Lewis saw.  Perhaps he was meandering along checking for bird feeders or garbage along the shore of the pond.  I guess bears learn quickly that where humans hang out there are often easy eats to be had.  Just a reminder to people here for the summer - please don't leave garbage or uncleaned grills around - bears and other animals will pick up the scent of food easily and can do a lot of damage to your property trying to get at whatever it is.  Also, when authorities are called to take care of an intruding bear, the eventual outcome may be that the bear will have to be killed, and that's not what anyone wants.  So keep your place free of garbage or lock it up securely until it can be disposed of properly and don't feed the birds - they do very well for themselves this time of the year. That way bears and other wild animals will fend for themselves and not get too accustomed to humans so they'll have to be killed.

This came from Sam Lewis today:
 For sale:  Shock Wave Ultra Tube (5 ft diameter) w/ tow rope - $25
  Danforth Anchor with spool of 1/4 inch line - $30

Contact:  Sam Lewis   802 473-1189 or sblewis1@hotmail.com


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