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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Everyone is enjoying the summer weather.  We took the back roads to get to Lisbon, N.H. for granddaughter Tangeni's gymnastics recital last night, and it was beautiful.  We saw corn at least eight inches high already.  Lots of haying going on, too.  

We arrived at exactly the same time as Tangeni and her dad and big sister, and Fred got this picture just at the moment she realized who it was as we drove in the parking lot.  Her mom had worked at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center yesterday, and was a little late joining us. 

Tangeni's group didn't perform until the end of the program, and we thought it was pretty amazing that she and the other little kids sat reasonably quietly through the whole thing until their turn to perform.  Some of them did a few cartwheels or practiced other moves, and they were all aware of what other performers were doing and clapped for them.  Everyone seemed to be having one heck of a good time.  There were some tumbles and clumsy landings, but nobody got upset or hurt, and we were impressed at the agility of some of the youngsters.  The middle picture is of Tangeni approaching the bench; and at the end of the recital everyone got medals.  Pretty impressive!  Tangeni kept waving at us and raising her medal for us to see.  She was very excited.

The gymnastics recital was fun, but pretty long.  The little kids didn't seem to mind at all; I think Tangeni had just as much energy when she finished as she had going in, but we were both tired and were glad to head for home after a brief stop at McDonald's for a sandwich and coffee.  Being preoccupied, we missed the turn for 302 and the interstate, so went up Route 5 - which I actually prefer.  Then we turned in Barnet and came up the back way through Peacham.  By then it was fairly dark, so we didn't get to see much along that road, but it was still a nice ride home.

This afternoon we are going to the memorial for Marion (Hatch) Heath, a long-time Cabot resident who passed away last January.  I worked with Marion during the Fall Foliage Festival for a number of years.  Her daughter, Ida, married my cousin, Mayo Sanborn.  Marion grew up in Walden, graduated from Danville High School, and married Bernard Heath of Cabot.  She was a bookkeeper for Cabot Creamery and later Harry's Discount Store on the Barre-Montpelier Road.  She loved spending winters in Florida and was very social.  She was a lovely person and will be missed by many friends as well as a large extended family.


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