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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Now the ice is gone and we are having really nice spring days, there really isn't much to write about!   I'm getting outside to do some yard work each afternoon, and that's a joy.  Things are very dry in the woods and in my flower beds, but that will probably change tomorrow night.  We've had a little rain, but the ground seems to absorb it immediately - no snow melt at all this year, so the water table is probably pretty low.

In spite of the bright sunshine, there's been a chilly wind out of the north all day.  Yesterday the wind was really howling; today not so much.  That helps to dry things out, too.  There are some spots on the back roads that are still wet where the frost is coming out, but we haven't had a severe mud season at all along West Shore Road.  I think even the road to Cabot has been pretty good.  Brickett's Crossing Road was bad earlier, but Cabot has been along here with the grader several times, even before the frost was out much at all, and that's unusual.  Normally, the roads aren't worked until the frost is nearly all out, therefore we must endure a lengthy mud season.  I know in some places and towns the roads have been very bad, but those of us on West Shore Road can't believe our good fortune!

People will be coming back to the pond for the summer now - there are a few back already, enjoying the nice weather.  The pond is beautiful on these sunny days - we've waited a long time for blue water to appear again.  Along with the nice days comes budding trees that will finally put an end to sugaring.  This has been a record year for maple producers - the season has been unusually long and the quality of the syrup especially good.  Sweet!!

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