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Saturday, April 09, 2016

As dull, cold, dreary days go, this one has been right up there at the top.  The ground was white with snow this morning - I measured about an inch of new snow - not that any we had previously was still around, and now what we got yesterday and overnight is mostly gone, too.  It's just the air is very cold and there are snowflakes falling almost continually - but the ground seems to have warmed up so most of it melts during daylight hours.  

I can't tell you what's happening down on the pond.  It looks to me as if the block and flag have tipped a little more, but mostly it just sits there, tilted like it could topple over any moment, but there is no real sign that the ice is melting around it.  It's most likely we have made more ice than has melted today, and certainly during the night-time hours we've made ice.  Discouraging is one word for this weather - and there are others, I'm sure, none of them complimentary.  The sun is trying again to break through the clouds at the moment, but now it's almost time for it to slip behind the hills, so too little, too late.  Tomorrow isn't going to be much better, according to the forecast.  I'll check the flag again in the morning.  We should get some change soon . . .?

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