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Monday, February 29, 2016

We've had another spring day with some rain, sunshine, warm temperatures that are now falling, and we've lost most of our snow.  As far as ice is concerned, there still seems to be plenty of that on some of the back roads as well as in the pond.  We will be getting the block for the Ice-Out Contest out perhaps tomorrow, just in case this crazy weather continues.  So far the very cold stretches between warm spells has kept the ice depth pretty stable, at about 15-18 inches.  However, better safe than left standing on the shore with no way to get the block onto the ice, so we'll do it earlier than normal.  It should be an interesting year for the Ice-Out Contest!

Last night, after the rain had stopped, our cat, Woody, teased to go outside.  We always set a little kitchen timer so we can let him in on cooler nights rather than his having to go through the kitty door into the garage.  When the timer went off, I went to the door to let him in, but at first he didn't come.  I called him and in a few moments he came bounding around the corner from in front of the deck and raced into the house at top speed - looking about twice his size.  His tail was HUGE!  He was very animated, but I got a quick picture of him just as he was dashing past me.  He raced through the house and finally went down into the basement - I think he was checking to make sure whatever it was that had frightened him was not in the house.  He calmed down soon, but we'll never know what it was that was out there.  I have a suspicion it may have been his cousin, Rico, Jamie and Marie's feisty cat.  They have never liked one another, and if they tangle, Rico always leaves Woody somewhat bloodied, in spite of the fact Woody outweighs Rico by a fair amount.  Since we don't know what was out there that confronted Woody (it could have been a skunk!) we're just happy no harm was done except Woody got all haired-up.  I apologize for the fuzziness of the picture - Woody was on the move, and so was I!

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